Full moon nights, you could see a ship in the middle of the sea. Everyone mistakens it for an abandoned ship, because that’s what the grey engraving on it claims it to be. But you couldn’t be any farther from the truth. This isn’t just an ordinary ship left by humans to rot. Whenever there’s an expedition to explore it, it’s no where around to be seen. Because it has already set off its sail, into the endless horizon, where the sky and the water meets. Along with all of its passengers, who were once humans, that are now “lost to the water”. It is said that when you lose your life in the depth of an ocean, your soul is forever searching for a shore to rest. And when they sees this ship silently floating, they have an illusion that their journey has finally come to an end; that they could be freed. But once aboard, your fate is forever sealed, to keep this ship sailing, for as long as the time itself exists. From thereon, the water is where your home is. It is your hell, that cannot ever be breached. But the living cannot hear you crying. All they see is an old structure decaying in the middle of nowhere, which, for you… is your haunted ship.