Wind Flower 바람꽃

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바람꽃 (Wind Flower) by 이선희 (Lee Sun Hee) from the Korean TV show “Legend of the Blue Sea” ❤️
Original song at the end 🎶

This Is Who She Was

She always said that she doesn’t knows her origin…that she doesn’t belongs here, and that the universe has made a mistake about her that it’s constantly trying to fix, by finding her “right place”. It didn’t made any sense to me, until I found what she was…a vokruya! According to “The Book of Unspoken Creatures” that she gave me to understand her better, vokruyas are the souls who were somehow misplaced from their time-reality, and cannot find their way back. So they create an imbalance in the universe, by being at a place they weren’t supposed to be. And the cosmic energy is constantly trying to fix this error, by jumping them from one time-reality to another, and then another, and another. But because there are so many words with almost-infinite time-realities, it is said that no vokruya has ever made it back to where they originally belonged, and they constantly keep getting switched. This also comes with a cost…as if it wasn’t bad enough already! Everytime they’re switched, they leave a part of them behind at the place they were. So at every instance, they lose a bit of themselves. Gradually, they will lose it all, and forget who they are, what is their purpose. They wander here and there endlessly, but never find peace, or a place they can call home. And the people who knew them, became their friend, or fell in love with them; they’ll be left only with a very faded memory of ever knowing them. So maybe if you have a feeling that you’re missing someone deeply whom you knew but can’t recall their face or even their name, they might actually be a vokruya, struggling in another world…looking for their world, trying to find peace, maybe trying to find their way back to you!
I wrote this last year, but never got to finish. Well, actually I kept getting switched! Been constantly trying to find my way back ^^ So while I’m still here, there are few more things that I started writing but never got to complete…might do soon. Cuz this is who I am too! ^^
“Vokruya” was a temporary word I was going to change later, but decided to just stick with it. Also, I really like the name “The Book of Unspoken Creatures!” ☺

The Greatest Show

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Original songs at the end. Movie version and the album version. Voice of Hugh Jackman (yup, Wolverine!) Who knew he’s a trained singer as well! ❤️

“It’s everything you ever want
It’s everything you ever need
And it’s here right infront of you
This is where you wanna be!”