She’s been selling oranges at a train station for as long as she can remember. Ever since she was born, the station is where she has spent her life. Together with her father, they live in a small hut nearby. Every morning, they wake up early and leave for the farm; where they pluck some oranges and return home. Her father then makes breakfast for them, and leaves for his work at a construction site. While she arranges all the oranges in her basket, and walks around the station from morning to night, asking the passersby if anyone would like to buy them.

This has been here daily routine for the past 12 years. It might look like ordinary, but it’s not easy to make a sale. Despite her best efforts, majority of the people just turn her offer down; while others, bargain to no end. But she has to sell them all by the end of the day anyhow, because tomorrow they won’t be fresh anymore, and then no one would buy them. When someone did buy from her, her face lights up, and she makes sure to wish them all the best and for them to have a happy journey; and then with a smile on her face, she goes on to sell more the remaining oranges in her basket. This is how she helps her father. Together, they both make a living.

Throughout her life, she has made many friends at the station. Some of them also sell things there. Items like clothes, caps, balloons, small toys; while some, just come there to play together. This is the most important and fulling times of their day. The only moment they look forward to, when falling asleep at the nights. What they get in return for selling items; the rectangular piece of paper with a number on it, is meaningless to them. They just give it to their parents. What they really want is to have some of the items they sell, for themselves! But even though they carry plenty of them, they cannot have any. Sometimes they too wonder why. After all, they are just kids themselves…learning the ways of this world. But they don’t question it anymore, they are used to this lifestyle now; and are content with it. No more do they envy the rich kids with all their expensive toys. They are happy running on the green grass, playing in the mud, on the swings, freely running around everywhere. Their innocent mind, is the true reason for their happiness…which makes them the actual rich ones; richer of life, richer in peace!