StealthOP is a malicious multi-threaded app that runs silently in the background with no GUI window. It secretly records all keyboard inputs in a file and also snapshots all your web browsing sessions. Once executed, it will set itself as a startup application, and will also spread across all CDs/DVDs burnt or USB Drives that will ever be connected to the victim computer.

This is NOT a virus software, means this will not modify or damage any existing softwares/EXEs or Windows system files.

CAUTION: DO NOT execute this software unless you know what you’re getting yourself into, and are aware of the consequences. I am NOT responsible for the damage this software may cause to you. Also, it will not be feasible for me to help every individual get rid of this software and remove all traces of it.
Once executed, it will be hard to detect because it will impersonate an existing Windows system process. If you kill the actual Windows system process in an attempt to terminate this app, it will take down your Windows operating system completely, and may result in Blue Screen of Death, depending on how fatal the system failure is.

Download (Windows 32-bit/64-bit)

*Download link disabled cause of the nature of the app. Send me a message if you really want this software. I might put up the source code on GitHub later.