3 AM every night, she opens her eyes and goes for a walk, roaming on the streets under the bright light of the crescent moon. Until the dawn, she walks; waiting for the first ray of the sun to light up the skies. Her shoulder-length hair with some bangs on the side, waves elegantly as the cold breeze blows. Throughout the night, she can feel many eyes staring at her, through the glass windows of the buildings around. Her aura attracts them all. She smiles at each and every one of them, knowing full well that they’ll only run away and hide from her. But she never gets angry or hurts even a single soul. After all, if she did, then there will be more like her…eternally wandering; and less people around, to put flowers on her grave…which is all she wants from them. It’s the only thing that made her happy…when she was alive, and when she is dead.