Like everyday, they both were going to meet today. But today was special. They were not going to have lunch in a crowded restaurant, or walk hand-in-hand in a garden. Instead, for some reason, she insisted on meeting him at a deserted place. The boy agreed to this at once. It seemed they both had their own intentions, and were eagerly looking forward to seeing each-other. He bought her some flowers, and arrived a few minutes earlier than the decided time. He was quick to feel the negative aura around this place. Just being there was affecting him. But it all disappeared very soon, when he heard her voice calling his name. She was finally here. He asked her why did she chose such a place for their rendezvous, to which she smile and said “Because today is the day, honey!”. He didn’t understood, day for what? She held his tie and pulled him close. She told him that this is her special place, and she only brings those people here that have grown very close to her. She pulled him even closer and they started a soft kiss, that grew intense with moment. She said, “You love me so much! Tell me, would you want our souls to stay together forever?”, He answered, “Yes of course, till eternity!”. That’s when she suddenly had a grin on her face. This was the moment she was waiting for. His eyes were closed, she had his approval. It was time to use the dagger which she had been hiding all along. His soul was her next prey, and she was about to take it with her. And just like that, she pierced his heart in the blink of an eye. The kissing stopped, there was only a loud laughter now. The boy’s eyes opened wide as he looked down at his chest. She told him how much she has been looking forward to this day, and that he was only one of the victims she brings to this special place of hers. She continued to laugh, until he started laughing along. She was surprised, and asked “Why are you laughing? Aren’t you in pain? And why don’t you die faster?” And then she realized, there was no blood pouring from his chest. The knife was just there. This isn’t how it went with her other victims. He was supposed to cry in agony and fall to his knees. Did she not pierce with enough force? Did her dagger-skills got rusty? She was still processing what was happening, when he cackled softly, looking up at sky. He pulled the dagger out and played with it on his fingers like it was a child’s toy, while smiling at the sharpness of its edges. His wounds started to heal by themselves, leaving the torn piece of his shirt as the only proof of what she did, with no scar left on his chest at all. “Sweetheart!” he said, “Countless creatures have tried to kill me in these past centuries…creatures with powers, whose existence you only can dream of. Yet I prevailed. What harm do you think a mere mortal and their pathetic weapons can inflict on me!” As he spoke, his fingers grew black, pointy and longer; his eyes grew wider and thinner, with a reddish-black shade in them. His body started to absorb all the light that surrounded him. She started walking backwards, but he wasn’t letting her go. As she took some steps back, he started moving towards her. But this time, he didn’t walk like he always did to reach her. Today, he was floating a good few inches above the ground, with his eyes staring at hers. He said “I didn’t plan on devouring your soul so soon, we were having a really good time. But since you’ve shown so much enthusiasm yourself, I shall grant you want you wanted.” And just like she pierced his heart with a dagger, he pierced hers with the sharp fingers of his right hand, while the other one went through her throat. This time, there indeed was blood. Her body dropped dead as he extracted her soul from it, which he absorbed to join hundreds of others that he has devoured over the time. With that he flew up in the sky, laughing at how her special killing spot became the last place she’d visit herself. Their souls stayed together after all, till eternity!
Forgot to mention what became of the flowers. He was going to give them to her when he would ask her for a dance…yes there was going to be a dance before the kiss, over a soothing piano music that the guy would play in his car (which he was gonna drive to the place). But I decided to scrap this all. So I guess he did gave the flowers to her when she arrived, and in the end he just soaked all the colors from them, turning them brown; before the cold breeze blew them away. But they did smell really nice! ☺️