Hey there!

I’m Prateek Jain, but you can call me Teek.

I’m an M.Tech. (honours) and B.E. graduate, both in Computer Science major. I’m also GATE qualified and hold some certifications from Microsoft, IBM, etc. Professionally, I’m a programmer. I develop softwares & websites…which I have enjoyed doing ever since I was a 12 year old kid. I also host multiple game servers in Ireland (Europe), for an extremely popular multiplayer game on Steam called Team Fortress 2. Here’s an old video clip of me playing it, in case you want to join in (I like image & video editing too! ^^)

Work and academic stuff aside, I’m interested in science, cosmos, new inventions, and all sorts of technologies out there. I read about them occasionally when I get some time. I also like reading novels…supernatural fantasy books mostly. I also write short fiction stories, and blurbs about various characters in my mind. Lately I’ve also picked up my old hobby of playing piano…though I want to learn violin too, someday.

I’m also very fond of little kids…their innocence and honesty makes them so adorable! I love playing and talking crazy things with them. I’m interested in knowing people from all corners of the world…different kinds of cultures, lifestyles, their habitats, etc. I’m a lot into foreign music, specially those in the languages I don’t understand…that way I can concentrate on the background music. Japanese songs are my favorite…that country makes some of the best background music in the world. Their songs also have a nice balance of verses and music…and they have really soothing melodies too! I also love animals…dogs, cats, and pandas are among my favorites; specially little ones…whom you can carry around in your arms ^^

So yeah, enough about me, enough I’s…haha! What about you, random stranger on the internet! Feel free to email me, but do allow me sometime to reply.

Until we meet again! See ya…

Some of my links:
Facebook Profile, YouTube Channel, Instagram (Piano), Facebook Page (Piano), TeamFortress 2 Servers (tf2.prateekjain.co), LinkedIn



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